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This information is derived from the optional case information we request when signing up for the newsletter. We realize the numbers seem low and we agree! Help us reflect the possible prevalence of PANDAS and PANS by signing up for our newsletter & choose to fill out the optional info. This helps us show the NEED FOR RESEARCH, the NEED FOR FUNDING, it shows WE EXIST! Already getting the newsletter? Update your profile to include case info if you didn’t fill the sections out before. Fill in the box on the side bar of this page. It will take you from there.

2015 MAP

2015 Powerpoint Map

2011 MAP

This 2011 map represents a sample of parents self reporting PANDAS cases across the  continental United States. PANDAS is across the globe, but for this map, we will only reference the United States.

The East Coast reports more cases of Pandas — perhaps due to greater awareness of Pandas? Strep serotype? Population Density?

The cases have not been substantiated by a recognized medical study.  They do meet PANDAS criteriaas set out by Dr. Sue Swedo. This map does not include the broader category of PANS since it was created in 2011, prior to the release of the PANS White Paper.


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