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This is a groundbreaking book on PANS – related Education. The book not only describes what PANS is, and what the symptoms are, it explains to teachers, parents, and professionals the WHY behind the behaviors they are seeing.  It explains multiple aspects of PANS including:
The WHAT of this medical condition is clearly explained to teachers and parents.  This book will immediately help the worried parents of the PANS child become cognizant and validated in their understanding that unpleasant symptoms are actually reflective of a true medical condition, and not ‘just’ a “behavioral problem” per se. The discussion of PANS symptoms and practical coping tools will be a huge comfort to the parent.
The WHY behind PANS-stricken students working slower, and possibly lashing out, and being sensitive to lights, sounds etc,, as well as, emotional issues such as OCD, hyperactivity, inattention to homework.  And, because parents often feel alone struggling to maintain their child, the ‘why’ behind teachers not offering what is really needed for the student; and the why behind what may be offered in one school district may not be offered in another school district (or with a similar student in the same district).
The HOW to advocate educational rights for children with PANS.   Dr. Candaleria-Greene meticulously details specific US laws that safeguard the educational rights of children with special needs (for ANY specific condition) and guides the reader in how to receive needed accommodations. 
The TOOLS offered by this book include a number of resources, (including sample letters that the providers and parents can use to write to their school officials, etc.) as well as medical diagnostic tools that can be of huge assistance in justifying diagnosis and treatment and accommodation.
This is an excellent reference guide for schools, school nurses and medical offices as well.