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Since 2014 you have raised $200,000 Research Funds & $85,000 for Awareness Building and Conferences
CURRENT Fundraising Events by Region 2017 (see below for creative ways you can fundraise too….)

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 I Want an Awareness Day Proclaimed in My Area!  (Map Pictured here from 2015 — let’s fill it up again!)

Map Awareness 2015 rainbowIf your state is not filled in the map, PANDAS Network would love to have you request a 2017 proclamation in your area! There are a few options for you to consider:

1. Request a proclamation in your CITY.

2. Request a “single year” proclamation in your STATE.

3. Contact your Legislator and push for a RESOLUTION for an ANNUAL PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day. This means you will not have to file paperwork every year! We strongly suggest this option.

The process is rather easy in most states. In 2016, 30 states applied for an Awareness Day and the majority had an Awareness Day proclaimed. Email us at if you will be submitting a proclamation request/have one approved. See our tools below that will help you get the job done!


I’m Ready to Make a Difference!

Boy pointing

YOU can make a difference whether your state has an official proclamation or not! Here’s some ideas to get those creative juices flowing…

  • Distribute fliers at your school and/or doctor’s office
  • Write to elected or appointed officials to tell them what this day means to you
  • Get your kids involved with a lemonade stand
  • Compliment more simple efforts, like garage sales, “dining out” events, tupperware parties, or our latest surprise, a young man’s Bar Mitzvah, with a FUNDRAISING PAGE on Firstgiving.
  • Ask your school district to acknowledge and link to PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day or your FirstGiving page in their October newsletter.
  • Organize a fundraising drive or event: every penny raised for PANDAS Network supports our year round agenda of family supports, research, education and advocacy
  • Collaborate with sporting venues, restaurants, etc. to have a portion of ticket sales and food sales donated to PANDAS Network.

I Want to Fundraise For Our Children’s Health!

Firstgiving SquareVisit: and click Start Fundraising!

This year, PANDAS Network is teaming up with!

From helping to fund PANDAS Network programs and outreach to raising money for the future of PANDAS and PANS research, YOU can control how the donations you secure are used!

Read about the future research you can help make happen. Indicate what you are fundraising for on your FirstGiving page. Learn more at:

All donations have a meaningful impact on our work and research. Thank you for your support!

 Here are some creative ways to start a fundraising page…
  • Create a fundraising page in honor of your child.
  • Show your friends and family why donations to PANDAS Network are important to you with a “Pay It Forward” or a “Make a Difference” Awareness Day Campaign.
  • Challenge your friends with a Random Act of Kindness Fundraiser (encourage your friends to donate $5 as a random act of kindness)

We think you get the idea!

  • Donation Matching: If your employer matches employee donations, you may need to provide the PANDAS Network Exemption Determination Letter. Click here to download.
  • TIP: If you start a Firstgiving page and wish not to post your phone number, just type 000-000-0000 in that section.
  • TIP: A FirstGiving event page can be created by clicking the following: START FUNDRAISING
  • Images: If you want to use the PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day logo on your page, you are welcome to do so. See the RESOURCE section below for a link to images.
I’m Ready to Help Build Awareness! What Resources Will Help Me?


The Awareness Day logo was created by PANDAS Network. We give permission for people to use the image for their Awareness Day events, activities, and FirstGiving fundraisers. However, the image cannot be altered or edited.


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