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2016-Awareness Day Activities

New Awareness Logo:

Our community is raising awareness by replacing their social medial profile pictures with the Awareness Day logo!

Awareness Day Logo

Proclamation & Resolution Progress

The below map shows states that have PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day Proclamations, Resolutions, or are in the process of establishing one.

To add your sate, you’ll need to work with your state government to request a proclamation. The process varies from state to state. Here is an example of how the process works in Arkansas.

Map Awareness 2016 10-1 transparent logo

PA 2016 Fall Festival Fundraiser

PA October 30, 2016 Fall Festival Fundraiser



This year we have launched a national awareness campaign! We hope you will help us create a Ripple Effect of awareness for PANDAS and PANS- During the month of October commit to sharing information with THREE people in your community. Maybe you talk to your child’s teacher, principal, school nurse, psychologist or physician. Using the downloadable and printable handouts found here:

RippleEffectResearch Update

For Schools

For Doctors