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Please reach out to these groups to answer your questions about help in your region of the U.S. Of course, PANDAS Network at can also help direct you to practitioners in your area. We do not offer medical advice; we are parents here to support your search for healing of your child.

Special Limited Screenings of Groundbreaking PANDAS Documentary!


February 23 – Menlo Park, California

March 23 – Richmond, Virginia

March 29 – Foxboro, Massachusetts

March 30 – Fairfield, Connecticut

May 11 – Wakefield, Quebec, Canada (details to be forthcoming)

Join the 1st Annual San Antonio Texas Golf Tourney for PANDAS-PANS!



Miracle Flights

Airfare can be covered for 2 adults and 1 child for medical appt. Some paperwork involved.  Flights are fast and middle income families usually quality.   Miracle Flights

Amazon Smile

Did you know that every time you use Amazon or eScrip you could be helping to raise awareness and funds for research to cure PANDAS AND it costs you nothing?! Sign up at AmazonSmile or eScrip. Thanks for giving through PANDAS Network! FIND US...

New Book for Educators and Parents!

Purchase the book here where links are made to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, GooglePlay and the Book Repository.   This is a groundbreaking book on PANS - related Education. The book not only describes what PANS is, and what the symptoms are, it explains to...

Moleculera Labs

Science of the brain is captured by the Cunningham Panel.  Anti-neuronal, or misbehaving antibodies, are found in PANDAS-PANS patients.  If a patient doubts their diagnosis AND/OR wants to be sure their healing is occurring — this test will show what is...

PANDAS/PANS Fact Sheet 2016

Compilation of Treatment Guidelines and Anecdotal Evidence A diagnosis of PANS (or PANDAS) means a child has had a sudden, acute onset in multiple neuropsychiatric domains and the trigger is derived from a misdirected autoimmune response to streptococcus or other...

Newly Published Survey of PANDAS-PANS

Newly Published Survey of PANDAS-PANS 700+ Children from onset to treatment. The purpose of the present study was to characterize the global clinical picture and range of phenotypes of pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS) in a large...

New Era in PANDAS/PANS Recognition

JCAP PANS Special Issue Published! The JCAP Special Edition online is the first collection of research papers on PANDAS/PANS written by a Consortium of researchers and physicians. It is pivotal to the advancement of treatment and research for this subset of...

PPN for Medical Professionals

PANDAS Physicians Network Become a Member Physicians and medical professionals are strongly encouraged to become members of Pandas Physicians Network. The Pandas Physicians Network (“PPN”) (FBSI) is an organization that is dedicated to helping medical professionals...


FEBRUARY 2017 Annual Awareness Event in PA raises $18,000 including a corporate match! Read more using the link below! CLICK HERE FOR THIS NEWSLETTER   DECEMBER 2016 Finding Hope as a Community: Facing the Darkest Side of OCD This is a discussion following the...

Research in Action

Learn what is on the horizon of innovative PANDAS/PANS research. Journal of Clinical Investigation publishes a SIGNIFICANT STEP IN UNDERSTANDING THE MECHANISMS of PANDAS. Scientists investigated how Group A Strep Causes Autoimmune Reactivity, Breaks Down the Blood...


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